What are Blood Cancer and Natural Cure for Blood Cancer

Published: 19th April 2010
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Blood cancer is a condition where cancerous cells have attacked the blood, bone marrow or lymphatic system. This type of cancer is malignant and has the ability to spread and destroy tissues. In the case of leukemia, the cancer interferes with the body's ability to make blood. Leukemia attacks the bone marrow and the blood itself, causing fatigue, anemia, weakness, and bone pain.

It is diagnosed with a blood test in which specific types of blood cells are counted. Treatment for leukemia usually includes chemotherapy and radiation to kill the cancer, and in some cases measures like bone marrow transplants may be required. There are several different types of leukemia, including chronic myelogenous leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and hairy cell leukemia.

Symptoms of Blood Cancer: -

• Weakness, Fatigue, Malaise and Breathlessness

• Excessive or easy bruising

• Bleeding gums or frequent nose bleeds

• Recurrent infections or fever

• Excessive sweating of body during night

• Weight loss

• Frequent vomiting sensations

• Anorexia

• Lumps or abdominal distension due to enlarged abdominal organs

• Delirium and confusion

• Headaches with occurrence of visual difficulties

• Decreased urination and difficulty while urinating

Natural Cure for Blood Cancer: -

• Chemotherapy: - There are several types of chemotherapy, and each has worked for some people as a real cure even for some with advanced blood cancer. Systemic chemotherapy entails injecting drugs into one's bloodstream or ingesting through the mouth to disperse it through the patient's body to fight a cancer that has spread (metastasized) beyond the organ in which it began.

• Watch for the symptoms of blood cancer in order to aid in the early diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Common symptoms include high fever and chills, frequent infections, swollen lymph nodes, tiny red spots on the skin, easy bruising and extreme tiredness.

• Diet is also considered a very important part of treatment. Visiting an ayurvedic practitioner is important in order to develop the proper diet for your body. The practitioner will determine which of the three humors is the predominant one in your body, and then based on this information, can develop a diet for you that will bring the three humors back in balance.

• Raw Foods: - One way that breaks with traditional cancer cures is through changing the diet into nothing but raw foods. Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover, a proponent of natural cancer cures, suggests that raw diets are easier for your body than chemotherapy. He also says that people should maintain a raw diet until cancer is in remission, because cooked foods exacerbate cancer cell growth, while raw food is still alive and will fight cancer cells.

• Consider radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy. It involves the use of high powered beams like gamma rays and X rays to focus on the malignant cancer cells. Radiotherapy is typically administered in a hospital and may be used in combination with surgery and chemotherapy or may be administered alone.

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