Irregular Menstruation Treatment and Menopause Supplements

Published: 23rd May 2010
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Irregular menses is labeled when a lady suffer from the bleeding that is not connected to the regular cycle, when periods are longer and heavier as contrast to normal, when there is no or miss periods etc. When the instance or gap between two periods is longer or shorter than that of usual or if there is any uterine bleeding, then also the situation falls below menstruation disorder or irregular menstruation.

Causes of Irregular Menstruation: -

• Pregnancy: If you are pregnant your body will begin producing different levels of hormones. This will cause numerous pregnancy symptoms, including an end to your period.

• Stress: Stress is a common cause of irregular periods. If you are fatigued, worried, or anxious this can cause your hormones to become unbalanced.

• Menarche: the cycles after a girl's first period may be irregular for some time. It can take up to 3 years to get regular periods.

• Menopause: Menopause causes change in your hormone levels, and is often signaled by irregular periods.

• Diet: A poor diet or extreme weight loss or gain can also affect your hormones. Women with anorexia or bulimia often have no period or irregular periods.

• Exercise: Intense exercise can wreak havoc on your body, often causing irregular periods.

Lifestyle Changes: -

Some people might just need to change their lifestyles in order to cure their irregular periods.

• Reduce stress: avoid anything that will cause you to get stressed out. Find time to relax and take it easy, doing this might get your period back without fuss.

• Seek professional help: if you suffer from an eating disorder see your doctor, he or she will see to it that you get help for this problem.

One can cure their irregular periods by just changing their lifestyles.

Reducing stress: - Avoid all such things that will stress you. Find time to relax and take it easy, doing this might get your period back without fuss.

M2 Tone can help the woman in many ways. It can help in all sort of menstrual problems caused due to various reasons mentioned below:-

• Over exercising that can result in irregular menstruation.

• Poor or mal nourishment that alters the menses cycle.

• Diet rich in carbohydrates is also associated with hormonal imbalance and menstrual problems.

• Some of the modern drugs can also give rise to irregularities in menstruation.

• It is also proved that the woman who smokes can have irregular periods.

• M2 Tone - the answer to irregular menstruation

Regular usage of M2 Tone is an ideal way to treat various menstrual problems and it is for the woman who wants to continue the normal balance of hormones and to get free from pains and aches. With regular menstrual cycle, the female body achieves overall good health and can keep many health ailments at bay.

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