Irregular Menstruation Natural Treatment

Published: 28th October 2009
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There is some specific medicine used as irregular menstruation natural treatment since they have capability to restore the female hormones and also to calm are down their aggressive moods.
For instance the next menstrual problems and menstrual symptoms can be treated using the following natural herbs:

Menstrual cramps: The herbs like false unicorn root and cramp bark are report to reduce and relieve cramps associated with PMS and thus can bring PMS relief. Red raspberry is another herb which can relieve the menstrual cramps. These herbs can be particularly helpful for women who have dysmenorrheal. Ayurvedic herb Jatamansi is particularly helpful for the circumstances associated with menstruation.

Heavy periods: Herbs such as shepherd's purse and yarrow and nettles help to reduce heavy bleeding as they direct the flow of blood away from the pelvic region. Women are who have been suffering from chronically heavy menstruation and known as menorrhagia, are prime indications to get benefited from healing properties of such herbs.
Some natural and holistic treatment like herbal remedies may also provide the indicative relief for the menstrual disorders. Normally herbal and homeopathic and herbal remedies are very safe and gentle to use for the body and the also promote overall health of the person. Herbs such Pulsatilla vulgar is helps to support the female reproductive system.
Some hormones like estrogen and progesterone have a definite effect on the menstruation since they actually regulate that the ovulation during the menstrual cycle. So without a balanced level of these are hormones in the women bodies, the women are unable to appropriately ovulate producing abnormal (anovulatory) menstruation and also that there will lead to the menstrual irregularities. So that is why maintain a healthy hormone levels is significant to avoid and control the menstrual irregularities.

It is believed that one of the factors that cause these discomforts is stress. When the body has very high levels of pressure produces more prostaglandins. These discomforts can be comprehensive for up to two days and more often than not in the lower abdomen and lower back. If the woman has suffered from the pains started menstruation is not called primary dysmenorrheal.
Every woman needs to find a treatment is that works for her. Perhaps the most common treatment and especially in the past that has been to lie down at the first sign of pain. It used to be that many women's restrooms contained a cot or a couch so that a woman who felt indisposed could lie down. A bed in the school nurse's office served the same purpose and girls were routinely excused from bodily education or other classes because of menstrual cramps.
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