How to Stop Bedwetting and Bedwetting Home Remedies

Published: 27th April 2010
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Bed wetting is one of the most common problems in children. This is a condition in which children are unaware of wetting their bed while sleeping. The problem is also called nocturnal enuresis. In such cases, a child can wet his or her bed regularly or after a gap of two to three days. When the problem of bedwetting persists after five years, then it requires medical attention.

Causes of Bedwetting: -

• Immaturity of the nervous system

• Defects in urinary tract

• Hormonal imbalance

• Certain diseases such as diabetes.

Symptoms of Bedwetting: -

• Many bedwetters daydream or have harms with focus and concentration.

• Bedwetters usually wake up gradually in the morning and may be grumpy and irritable.

• Almost all bedwetters have had some daytime evils. Some example of these problems is: an inability to "hold it", a need to urinate often, leak and accidents.

• Bedwetters wet the bed more than 6 times per year.

• Many bedwetters exhibit signs of ADD/ADHD

• Lots of bedwetters snore and grind their teeth.

Prevention for Bedwetting: -

• Let him drink a lot of water during the day.

• Try bladder training.

• Try using a prize chart with children who are old enough to know the difference between reward and punishment.

• Always do bedwetting exercises which can cure the bedwetting problem.

• Make the child chew cinnamon bark once a day.

• Wake him up in the middle of the night and urge him to use the bathroom.

Home Remedies for Bedwetting: -

• Take Neo tablets (Charak) in the dose of 1 to 2 tablets daily for at least two to three months. This is a good home remedy for bedwetting.

• Herbal Tea: A concoction made up of horsetail, bearberry and oak bark is a well known ayurvedic practice that prevents flow of urine while sleeping.

• During winter season take care to put your child enough arm clothes so that they remain warm and urinate less.

• Avoid Liquid: Liquids in any form should be avoided before going to bed which otherwise increases the occurrence of urination.

• Avoid giving soft drinks and tea to your children. As these things will make them go to urinate more often than needed.

• Banana: these are considered to bind stomach and have been used to prevent bedwetting at night. A banana at night before sleep can relieve you from urinating.

• Do not consume excessive quantity of sugar as it may act as a diuretic, further aggravating the problem.

• One of the best home remedies for bedwetting is to eat two tsp walnut halves and one tsp raisins before going to the bed.

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