How to Cure White Patches on Skin

Published: 10th March 2010
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White patches affecting millions of population from any races and both sexes. Actually this post is a brief discussion about the skin conditions which causes the white patches on skin, what are the causes of these patches and how these skin conditions can be treated.

The other cause of this is called vitiligo. This is a condition of unknown cause, but is probably an autoimmune condition. The pigment cells in the skin are absent, and so even pale skin shows white patches, and this is much more noticeable in dark skin.

Some causes of white patches on the skin include:

• Vitiligo - causing white patches

• Hypo pigmentation

• Halo nevus - a pale mole with surrounding hypo pigmentation.

• Skin injury - causes a white or pale patch during skin recovery.

• Tania vesicular

• Lichen sclerosis

• Leprosy

Other causes of white patches include deficiency of vitamin B12 which in turn leads to anemia, hyper activity of the thyroid glands, stress either physical or emotional, hereditary reasons and increased exposure to sunrays.

Anti-Leucoderm is herbal oil for the treatment of vitiligo white patches or dysfunctional ties of melanocytes cells that cause depigmentation resulting in loss of skin colors with irregular white, milky white and pink patches. Irregular white patches skin disorder can occur any where on the whole body but following are the common body parts.

How to Remove White Patches: -

• Give your skin 30-minute daily doses of sunlight.

• Unlikely there are not a lot of treatments for Vitiligo, but there are a few things you can do that will help to reduce the clear see of the patches. Avoid using creams, powders and any other cosmetic applications.

• Make sure that your diet contains enough iron. Meat, liver, cereals, beans, lentils and green, leafy vegetables are some of the best sources of iron.

• As far as possible avoid consuming citrus fruits, tamarind, fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns.

• For white patches include consumption of ginger which increases blood circulation, buttermilk and a mixed juice of cucumber and alfalfa.

• Another method would be to soak psoralea and tamarind seeds in water for 3-4 days. Dry them well and grind to form a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area on a daily basis.

• Don't stress yourself too much and learn to relax.

• Creams like Anti-Vitiligo, Corticosteroid, Protopic and Elidel may also help reduce the white paths.

• Keep a positive attitude and always regard yourself in highest esteem. Don't allow people to let you down.

• Pigment transplantations have also been successful.

• Holy basil leaves prove to be beneficial in treating white patches. Consume raw basil leaves or make a decoction out of Holy basil's leaves and stem, along with water.

• If you ever have to experience teasing or ridiculing, ignore it.

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