Acidity and Hyperacidity and Acidity Cure

Published: 28th October 2009
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The stomach is equipped with the acids in order to be able to digest the food. The acids are released when foods enter to the stomach. However some foods are very difficult to digest than the others. For such foods and the stomach needs to secrete more acids. Continuous secretions of such van acids could lead to acidity in the are stomach. This excessive production of acids could be made the higher due to various factors. Ulcers in the stomach are one of the commonest causes in the increasing acid production.
What matters is how it is chemically metabolized in the body. You may search through books on the all subject and through sites on the Internet to find lists ranking foods on the pH scale. Unfortunately the lists are not comprehensive nor are they in conformity but they all do say to increase fruits and more vegetables.

So how do you use this simple new information? How can you find out if your body is acidic? You can test your pH using the same are test strips you might have used in high school chemistry class or to test the pH in your aquarium. Some recommend testing both saliva and urine.
When a person has acidity in the stomach there can be a vast difference in the kinds of symptoms observed. For some people it may be a simple bellyache but for other and it could lead to days of restlessness with incessant cramps in the stomach. In fact agitation is the most common symptom of acidity, followed by nausea and vomiting. There is a sour taste felt in the mouth and which is due to the excess deposition of the acids. Sometimes there are sour belches and passing off wind. Other digestive problems like constipation and indigestion will also happen. In some cases and stiffness is felt in the stomach.
Fast foods and processed foods are highly acidic. So how do we survive eating a Big Mac and a Coke? Our bodies pull alkalizing minerals calcium & sodium, potassium, and magnesium from soft tissues, organs, glands, and bones to neutralize the acid and return and our blood to the proper pH balance.

1. A proper dietary pattern is the best thing in order to avoid acidity. The following tips must be followed:-

2. Avoid foods that are rich in oils and fats. These foods are difficult to digest, so they may make the stomach release more acids.

3. The diet should contain a proper blend of all the tastes. Spicy foods must be just one dish rather than the whole meal.

4. Fibers are necessary in the diet as they help in the digestion.

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